Sunday, August 28, 2011

Have things changed?

Have things from the early 90's where people were scared to go out. Simply because they thought they'd die. They thought the cops would come and arrest them. Where people were killing each other. Instead of being connected as One. 

What has happened to One Love? Where people put down their differences and come together as one. And unite no matter the race. Where there is no blood shed. It's all simply Love. Love and respect for every single person no matter what they do in life, or who they are as a person. Where has that gone?

I've been thinking about it and it seems that things haven't changed at all. We have been fighting and struggling for change, yet it seems to never come.. Is it because we all as a nation are not voting? Or is it because we are stuck in a nation where things will never change. Even though we had our first black president.. It's a mind blowing thing to sit back and look at how life was back in the early 90's where Race made you who you are. And coming to now in the present and still seeing some differences..

I don't know if it is me, but what's the point of trying to show other people love when in return they don't show anything.. They won't hit me up to hang.. I have to be that person to initiate things. What's wrong with that? Where is the love when I PERSONALLY have to try to iniate things..? Maybe i'm just taking things wrong and i am just being Anti-Social.. But where is the love when it feels like I have to initiate things, where I have to keep up to date and know what's going down and what's good?

It's killing me as I sit at home thinking of all that I had to where I am. But then realizing it's made me a better person to be away from it all. Away from all that Drama, and almost consistant thing.. I've come to a peace that almost makes me sad.. I am alone. But you know what it's sad to say it's almost better to be alone then with those I had the most respect and love for.. Because in the end I might not be 100% happy, or feel 100% up to things.. But I know what I am, and I know where I can go in life..

And it's sad to sit back and look at how Love and Respect get's lost so fast. Because of some stupid and nonsesical things.. What's the point of being on Top and being "THE SHIT" when in reality you aren't happy.. What's the point in believing in something when you will never be happy even believing in that.. You can complain so much about things, yet say things are great. How is that? How are you so happy yet in such a hell?

It seems like things no matter the Era or timeline they never change. It's up to US as ONE  notice how I say that ONE to rise and combat those things that drive us to sadness and anger. We all as a ONE have to make things change.. It's something easier said then done, but I know it can be done.. So stop all this stupid violence.. Stop the Drama.. Stop the Hate... Stop the Anger..

And realize that We all as ONE NEED to come together. And we NEED to end all the hate and disdan.. We need to rise up and focus on our futures and how things will be for our children.. We need to join eachothers triumphs and downfalls.. We need to be ONE before we can even think of change.. And to be honest i've been thinking about those things for what seems like years... And what's sad is nothing is being done.. Whether it be the governments fault or our own. 

We need to open our eyes and look at ourselves. What are you? Who are you? What makes you who you are? Why do you do the things that you do? What would make your present or future better? What will make you happy? What will drive you insane? What will make you find peace? What will make you change? What has made you think the way you think? Was it your own personal thought? Or was it someone elses? 

You have to open up your own mind before you can try to change and hate others.. If you can't open up your own mind then what are you? What makes you worth anything? Why should we even look or think about you?

Do you see what I am saying? Things don't start from just anywhere.. YOU HAVE TO START THE CHANGE WITHIN YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CAN SAY OR DO ANYTHING.

(And to those who are wondering I just watch a Documentary on Tupac (2Pac) and it made me think about these things.. As they said Tupac was a " Bad man" but in reality he was speaking of what was going on around him.. And all the things that were wrong with this nation.. And what needs to be fixed.. And he said something in a interview he was on he said something to the lines of " The poor and the rich should switch places to see what it's like in each others shoes.. Even if it were just for a week..." Things like that would open up peoples eyes to what is wrong.. And what is truly right..

So please take these things into your life and realize you could have it easy or you could have it hard.. But it's life and if you have it easy you won't be near as strong and wise as those who had it hard..


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