Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why do we do this...?

Why must we go to College..? "To get a better job, to get more of an education, to become a better person.. blah blah blah.." 

To be honest what the fuck are we all doing? We are going to school and spending our lives devoting our existance to something so stupid.. We have to either pay right out from our own pocket or get money through student loans. But in all what does that do, it makes us broke. And it gives us a sense of no hope. When you have to drop 2-3k on classes that are so fucking stupid, example: Biology, Math, English, Computer Information Systems, Psychology, Economic etc etc. We spend so much money for what? More of what we already somewhat know?

It's ridiculous that WE THE FUTURE have to pay and go almost in DEBT to better OURSELVES. What happened to " BETTERING THE FUTURE."? How are we going to better the future when we can't even support ourselves because we have to pay for classes and or pay off loans for SCHOOL. For something that will better US the "FUTURE" And on top of that having to deal with all the stressors such as Quizes and Exams, Midterms... Doing all your homework.. Everything.. How does that make US the future better? By making us Stress out to the point we lose who we are and become mindless and almost insane zombies?

To be honest I believe we learn more from the REAL WORLD then we would if we had gone to school for so long. I mean i'm pretty happy with my life. I mean really all I consider to be well "Mine" would be my newly bought Longboard. Simply because it's a simple and effective means of transportation. But i've learned more about myself just from skating for not even 4-5 days then I ever have going to school. I've learned that I cannot find peace within myself while I am in school because I stress so much. And when you cannot smoke any weed because you are also trying to find a job it doesn't make things any better. 

It's a simple Stress pile on. And yet when I go out at night and just cruise on my board for shit 15-30 minutes I feel more at peace with nothing then I do when I have all that stuff. Is that sad? Is that depressing? Or is that a good thing? I'm learning that now in my life all I want to do is verture out. I want to try surfing, I want to snowboard. I want to enjoy NATURE. Because simply put that is all we as HUMANS need. NATURE, in all it's beauty and splender. There is nothing more or less then I personally want right now in life but to just go out and ENJOY things. 

I wish I could smoke to make those things even MORE enjoyable but it's not that easy. Because if you don't have a job then you can't do anything. If you aren't going to college you won't go far in life and you won't be anything to Society.. Who the FUCK cares about what society wants? What is the point in owning a 1 million dollar house and all that shit when in reality you personally will never be happy? We all seriously need to WAKE UP and realize things in life aren't always important. College, Money, Power, Women, Cars, Drugs (Mary Jane is not a drug it's a plant..). What's the point in trying to make those things your life? Will you PERSONALLY be happy at the end of any of those roads? NO.

We need to seriously look at our lives think about what we LOVE to do. Whether it be Skating, Hiking, Driving a car, Working on cars, Building things, whatever it is. And we should go for that goal. It's stupid to have to do like 419244839241 things just to get to that ONE goal you have. I'm personally waiting for ITT-Tech to come around so I can simply focus on what i'd like to do as a career. But it's funny that at Universities we'd have to take 5-6? give or take classes to get to the ONE goal. Why not just study that ONE goal and be done with it. Whatever happened to that?

Personally all I want to do is get into something in the Computer field and hopefully move out to Cali and just Enjoy nature. Because Cali is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy because they have to Beach, the nice flowing Hills, and some of the most beautiful sceneary. I mean really all I can do now is just hope and wait it out. But to be honest that is hands down on of my dreams. And I know one day I will reach that goal. But of course I have to deal with all that random BULLSHIT inbetween here and then.

But real talk, We need to stop focusing on College and more schooling.. Though with todays standards it's nearly impossible to get anywhere without some form of schooling.. We as "THE FUTURE" need to focus on OUR personal LIFE GOALS. What would we want to show our future kids? To stress out and GO TO COLLEGE LIKE YOUR SUPPOSED TO! OR To sit back and enjoy life and all it's beauty. And to find your own personal calling in life and follow your dreams. It's stupid as I sit here writing this that all this came to mind simply because of Biology and how you cannot pass a quiz unless you get a complete 100% that means NO WRONG ANSWERS. It's horse shit. And we all know it.

But will we do something about it? No, because it's what society wants. I mean how am I supposed to buy that Million Dollar house and that BMW and live that rich life and never be happy but Shit I GOT MONEY. Fucking pointless and stupid. I could easily live my life as a semi making it person and feel great. As long as I got my friends and my Family that's all I need. And of course my Dreams and my Goals. It's amazing when you sit back and look at it, you can have everything material wise in life but will you personally be happy? Probably not. And I know I wouldn't.

So sit back for a second and think about what you want in life, what are your goals, what do you want and what do you need. Think about the pros and the cons. Simply put just think, use your brain. Begin a chapter in your life that you know you need. Because everyones day will come. It's just will you make it happen?


Now it's taken me till now to realize how beautiful nature is.. It's taken me finding a religion, and buying something so well random for me to actually sit back and look at nature as something less blah and something more perfect. Nature brings us beauty in it's most raw and unchanged forms. From caves that have the most impeccable stelagmites and stelagtites. To the rushing waves of a beach to the slow and steady currents of a river. To just the trees and bushes surrounding our houses. It's something we miss and often forget.. And it's the one thing we never look to.

Now it's taken me finding Buddhism and getting a longboard to truly see how beautiful nature truly is.. It's made me sit back and think about how beautiful things really are even in the worst of situations. Like I don't have a running car, or a lot of money well to be honest I have no money.. But it's one thing to just sit there and enjoy the simple things. The wind blowing, the lightning or thunder, or even the trickle of rain or even the harsh sun. We always forget about how much nature effects how we are. I'd say we all almost need to drop technology and just go out and see what life is like without it.. To me it's beautiful. It brings me so much peace knowing that I don't have to check my phone for texts ( though I never get any) or look for any type of thing online or anything like that.. I can simply just sit back and see life in a new light. 

And I mean my life right now isn't where I'd want it to be. But I know it's just temporary. And soon enough I will find my place in life. But for now I will just sit back maybe take my longboard out for a nice little skate and just enjoy the lovely things that nature has given us and just breathe..