Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Now it's taken me till now to realize how beautiful nature is.. It's taken me finding a religion, and buying something so well random for me to actually sit back and look at nature as something less blah and something more perfect. Nature brings us beauty in it's most raw and unchanged forms. From caves that have the most impeccable stelagmites and stelagtites. To the rushing waves of a beach to the slow and steady currents of a river. To just the trees and bushes surrounding our houses. It's something we miss and often forget.. And it's the one thing we never look to.

Now it's taken me finding Buddhism and getting a longboard to truly see how beautiful nature truly is.. It's made me sit back and think about how beautiful things really are even in the worst of situations. Like I don't have a running car, or a lot of money well to be honest I have no money.. But it's one thing to just sit there and enjoy the simple things. The wind blowing, the lightning or thunder, or even the trickle of rain or even the harsh sun. We always forget about how much nature effects how we are. I'd say we all almost need to drop technology and just go out and see what life is like without it.. To me it's beautiful. It brings me so much peace knowing that I don't have to check my phone for texts ( though I never get any) or look for any type of thing online or anything like that.. I can simply just sit back and see life in a new light. 

And I mean my life right now isn't where I'd want it to be. But I know it's just temporary. And soon enough I will find my place in life. But for now I will just sit back maybe take my longboard out for a nice little skate and just enjoy the lovely things that nature has given us and just breathe..


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