Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stars and the Universe

Now when (most) people think of Stars, they think of Charlie Sheen or any other failure of a life that gets paid millions upon millions of dollars.. But have you ever just looked up at the sky and said, " Man, there are billions of stars out there... And we maybe look like just another star to someone else far out there in the universe.." It just makes me think about how small we are. (Small in every way..) All of our problems, our triumphs, out strengths and our weaknesses. We are all but an atom in what this universe contains. And our problems are but a smaller molecule of that.. And On and On.. And it's funny how we sometimes feel like our problems are bigger then the world.. But in reality they are but as i said nothing but a small molecule..

Now to me the stars are beautiful. They show something that has traveled millions upon millions of light years just to give us the faint light in the sky. And to me it shows how even in the darkest of times some form of light can always be seen. Wether it be from the sky, or from ones own heart. Some form of light will always be present. And it's an on going fact in ones life. (i guess to me at least) That stars show an on going presence in life. Because it shows that light though it may have died years and years ago still shines until the very end.. And it shines just enough so those who want to see it can.

Now the universe is infinite. It's an ever growing thing. As it's an ever growing presence. It holds everything we have worked for. It gives us a feeling of not being alone. Because within all of the space it has, there is always going to be some other worldly presence. That when you think about it, it's a scaring fact.. But when you look deep down into it you realize something. The feeling of being alone is scarier then the fact of never being alone again..

And within the universe is us. The Human race. To where we think we know everything when in fact we know nothing. Though we may try to learn all that we can. We will truly never know the meanings of most important things. We have destroyed, we have built, we have grown, we have died. We all as humans have never truly stuck side by side and fought for each other. We may think we have but in fact we have not. But it's an ever growing phase that we all as humans want to save each other and help those in need..

What we all need to realize is that all of our "Huge" problems are nothing but a small molecule to the whole universe. We always think we have lost it all, but think about it. There is an Entire Universe out there, waiting for you to take it by the horns and discover things you have never thought you'd see or do. And it's up to all of us to take that with a wondering interest. Will you be the explorer and try to discover what makes this universe go? Or will you be the person watching on T.V. ?

Just remember, life is full of let downs, sadness, anger; to Triumphs, joy, greatness. Or even the missed shots, and disheartening rejections.. But it's how you react to every single thing life throws at you that makes you, well YOU. And it's also how you learn from those experiences. But in the end it's what you know about yourself that others will never that makes you so unique.. So grow, Grow and become something bigger then the universe. And let who you are speak to millions as that will resonate throughout the universe as many things in life can..


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