Saturday, March 12, 2011

Death, yes death.

Religion And Death
As i sit here thinking about my own religious beliefs i realize. I technically do not have one. My whole life i always thought about what would happen when if i did die? I would literally sit there and ponder, is it like all the christian religions think of it. A Heaven and Hell.. Is that where we are all sent to?  Or are we reincarnated? I mean the thought of dying is supposed to scare us. But once we look at it, if we have yet accomplished anything in our lives we should be scared. It seems like if we have finished all we needed to, and we feel complete or a WHOLE. Then our life seems as if it wasn’t worthless.
We can then easily fall into the state of the dead knowing that we did something right. That we had done our job. We have done everything that we could and we had won the battle over life. I know i will reach this time in my life. And i will, notice how i say WILL embrace that day. Because i know at that instance that i have done everything i could in life. I have given it my all. And that it was not as how i thought of it when i was little as a “WASTE”.
We all need to realize we will die, and by drinking and doing drugs we are only speeding up the process. No matter the age. Yet there is no need for the stupid, “Well it’s my life.. BLAH BLAH BLAH” It’s not just your life you are effecting, there are others around you too. I’ve grown tired of being around all the smoke and drinking that i’ve been sitting in my room. Just to get away from it all. Sad? Yes... Yes it is.
Now i was always interested in this idea of working out. But i never got into it until i saw my father. He brought me into this world of hell and pleasure. Now that might sound wrong but hear me out. This form of working out has the be the best form i have ever used. I constantly have to push myself. It makes you go to your limit and some. It’s nothing but constant work for up to 20 mins. Nothing but going. And i truly love it. 
There is a video on youtube i watch over and over. Simply due to the fact that it motivates me. That video makes me want to do better in my life. It makes me want to go work out and go to that limit and blast past it. The Video will be at the bottom of this story. I hope you all like it. And i hope to be in great shape due to Crossfit, i will make it my life style. And i will no care what others think of me. As long as i’m doing good i can care less.
Me & My Thanks 
Now i’ve been getting loads of great responses from all of you whom have read  my stories. And i have to say thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart thank you all. You all are the reason i write these. i love hearing all your thoughts. And it makes me feel great. But one thing i can’t seem to get off my mind is how everyone is doubting themselves. STOP DOUBTING YOURSELVES! You all are the change this world needs. SO CHANGE. Stop saying Hope, and start saying WILL. Stop saying maybe and start saying YES. Do not just do it for yourself do it for OTHERS. But more importantly Do it for your FUTURE.

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