Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Pen.

Yes The Pen.

It is something that can destroy and build lives. We use them to sign important papers and we also use them to write how much we despise someone. They are the true gateway to the human soul. Because one can either A.) Write for love and to better themselves or even tell others their pains and sorrows. Or B.) Write about hate, and completely destroy those around them. And we all need to realize what we do with The Pen. For the most part we bring hurt onto others with it. We could care less about who gets hurt or what happens. When in fact we should.

Now some people pour their feelings out with The Pen. I am one of those people. I try to use The Pen to tell others about things i think about. Or even about my life, my struggles, my triumphs, and my goals. Now The Pen to me is something much stronger then most people imagine. We think of it as well a Pen. Nothing more Nothing less. When in fact it is our soul (in essence). We use them to show others what can not be said, we also use them to tell those around us how much we despise them.

It is the gateway into the human soul. We either use The Pen to help or destroy. Simply put as, we use a pen to sign important documents, we use a pen to write how we feel, we use a pen to show our hate, we use a pen to show our love. As i said it is the gateway to our souls. Because our words are powerful. What we write has an effect, wether good or bad. The Pen is the most influential object in the world. Because when there is a Pen, there is always someone who will write their feelings, life, or even thoughts.

We don't realize it but The Pen in essence is our source of getting how we are as people into the open. It shows others who we are and what we stand for. And people no matter the fact respect what is written with The Pen. Because in the end it is the persons feelings, their heart that goes into what they write. Words that are written with The Pen are the most powerful things in the world. Because you give them your soul, you show people who you are. So when you see a pen, think of it as a gateway and not just an object. Because only you can truly make The Pen work it's magic.


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