Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why in the world...

I've been thinking lately, and i've noticed that a lot of girls wear a BUNCH of make up. Which (to me) makes them look completely fake. Don't get me wrong some make up is cool. But when you PILE it on like there is no tomorrow it makes you look like you aren't yourself. It makes you almost seem like a Weird Cut Out. But i've realized this through many people i've seen either consistently putting more make up on, or packing it on early and when you walk up to em you see every single layer of make up they just put on.

That and the consistent need for people to talk about others make up. What they are using and what tips they know. It's like (to me) WHY do we care so much about how we look (example: Looking "Younger" or having "Great" skin) now i think it is nice to DRESS nice (no ripped clothing or just dirty clothes) But our constant need to look younger disgusts me. To me (can be simply because i am a guy) when i get older so be it, i don't give a flying hell. If i bald i bald, if i have really bad skin so be it. I'm not going to sell my soul to just be accepted by people who can never accept what life has given them.

And i blame stupid stuff like this to our society. We all need to look at ourselves. What we have. For men Growing a Beard is UNHEARD OF. Which back in the day if you didn't have one YOU were a no one. And for girls if you don't dress like a (sorry to say) SLUT then you are a no one. EVERY SINGLE THING is backwards. Dressing appropriately is almost thrown out the window so one can be noticed. Constantly shaving so you look "Good", when in reality all you do is look like you are a teenage boy. SIMPLY because having something is "Hideous".

Now hear me out. I grew a beard for close to 6 months, and all i heard almost EVERY SINGLE DAY from the 3rd month or so was, "Shave whatever is on your FACE you look UGLY" or something to that nature. Have we grown to hate how we would look naturally? YES. We have been somewhat told since birth that "You have to be "Clean", Go to College, Get a GREAT Job, Make a lot of money, Have a Family that conforms etc etc..". To me this is insane, Simply put Money, School, Jobs don't make ANY person happy. FAMILY and FRIENDS do.

But i was told EVERY Day that what i wanted to do with MY LIFE was wrong. I was told i was going nowhere. Because of a Beard. And before that I got a Tattoo. And when that happened i was told i would NEVER get a GOOD paying Job. And my Life is OVER because i got something on my body THAT I BELIEVE IN. Who is to tell me what i can and cannot do? NO ONE. If i want to do something i will do it. If my life is "Over" I wouldn't be trying to go to school or even keep my job. I would go do Drugs and kill myself or some crazy stuff like that.

If you see someone with a SHIZ ton of make up on just look at them. And think to yourself why do they do that? Is it because they think they are "Ugly"? Or because they just want to be accepted by peers? Same as you would someone with Piercings or Tattoos or heck even a Beard. NEVER put limits on OTHER people. Simply look at them and think why did they do what they did. I got my Tattoo (Believe on my Right inner Forearm) because i had lost faith in myself. And the word stuck around in my life and saved me from myself. I Grow the beard i have because of a man named Evan Tanner. AND a part of me just loves having a beard. And the fact that it makes me feel better about myself.

But seriously, Don't judge people so quick. Be kind to others. Be more Down To Earth. (Forgive me) But FUCK trying to fit in. All you do is lose yourself. And when that happens who are you? What are your goals? YOU wouldn't even know. If you want to grow a beard GROW one, if you want 485239 Tattoos Get them, if you want to never wear make up DO IT. Just be yourself and if people hate you for it then (forgive me again) FUCK them. They don't deserve to get to know you. Same thing applies to EVERY single thing in life. Don't be scared to venture out and do things you wouldn't normally do.

Because as long as you are yourself and you believe ANYTHING in life is possible.



  1. I like tattoos and make up :)
    They enhance your beauty if you do them right <3

  2. I love Tattoos, and SOME make up. But to me when someone basically OD's on Make up it ruins em. It's definitely if done right thing. ;)