Friday, March 4, 2011

Valentines Day ( i know it's old but hey.. don't judge)

The day of "Love". And i say love like "Love" because for the most part we don't know what true love even is. We may think we know but we have no effing clue.

Now Valentines Day is (to me) supposed to show how we as humans. We show people love, or make them feel important if they are close to you. Now lately a lot of people have been saying, " Guys are ASSHOLES". Which in part makes me RAGE. I'm a nice and respectful guy. I don't jump the gun, and i don't ask to much from anyone. All i can do is ask for ones respect and honesty. But when i get called an ass-hat because someone made a shit choice in picking a guy it's like WHAT THA FUUUCCCCCCK?!

Don't get me wrong, MOST guys only want one thing from a girl, Da Vajayjay. And they will manipulate the girl to get it. And if the girl doesn't have any decent thought process it happens. Then because it happened ALL Guys are labeled this. Look at me, 200lbs., Bearded, and a Diabetic. I'm in no world perfect, or shit even worth most peoples time. But if you look deep into me (mentally) you will find out that i am an Hopeless Romantic, I love hanging out, I have some issues in life that most could never dream of. But in all i try to be there for EVERY friend, wether that be a Girl OR Boy.

All i can do as someone who never got looked at by the opposite sex is try to be there only hoping someone will actually see who i am, and maybe actually like me. But it NEVER happens, People simply just say, " hey thanks for being awesome but ima go have sex with a d-bag" OR " hey thanks means a lot... well time to go do the opposite of what you just said!". It's a simple fact that all we do is go based of looks first. The GIANT mental game never comes into play until after everything is said and done. 

And it's bull shit to me that ANYONE would have to go 18+ years without having a decent relationship that was worth every moment of pain and sorrow to the giant triumphs and joys. To me it's like slapping someone in the face simply because they are not what is society calls, "Hot". This day only brings people down, it drives us insane for the fact that we don't have anyone to be in a relationship with. It makes us feel more alone then ever. And it really shouldn't. But it does and always will.

Now most people can back me up in saying i am a nice guy, i think about others before myself. Because what would i do if i had no one to hang with? or even talk to? i would be nothing. And it's a simple fact that i care about others to much. I only hurt myself in the end. Because i feel like i put in so much effort and try to make people happy but in the end i get the giant slap in the face. Now this day is as i said supposed to be about "Love", so why not go out and dig deep to try to find that nice guy? AND I MEAN LITERALLY NICE NOT SOME D-BAG THAT WANTS TO EFF YOUR BRAINS OUT AND PLAYS THE INNOCENT GAME B.S. TRY TO FIND SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO BE WITH YOU AND ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU.

Look at someone like me, Bigger set, Bearded, Tattoo'd etc etc. I'd give anything in the world to be with someone on this day. But i just live with the fact that my time hasn't hit yet. As i am still to be discovered by someone other than myself. And someone worth my time and effort, and my blood, sweat and tears. Because though i have been on a long waiting list i will find someone one day. And i will cherish EVERY moment with that person. And if i have kids so be it, that is awesome!

But seriously give guys like Me, or most of my friends a chance. We are fun people to be around. We are respectable. And we don't judge before we get to know someone.

So make this a day of trying to find then a day of sorrow and misery. Make it a happy day. Be Optimistic. As it takes years of trying to be noticed to build up the respect and the want if not need to be in a relationship. I've had 18 years of that, and it sucked terribly. So go out and have fun.


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