Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Perfect... Ahah right...

Now first off i must say this one thing. No ones life is perfect. NO ONES. We were all brought here to this world for a good reason. We can either attempt to figure out why we were brought here. Yet on another note we can all just sit back and do nothing for our futures. The future is there for US to take it. WE can only make our future. No one can change your future. YOU are the only person who can completely change your life, wether it be for the better or the worst. It’s up to you, yes YOU to become the change you wish to see in yourself OR even the World.
To become what you want will make you feel great. And on top of that the people around you will feel great too. Now By changing yourself for the better you can effect the world. ( I know that sounds weird, HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD?! right?) But think of it like this. It doesn’t have to be the biggest thing to change the world. Like ending a giant war, curing cancer, hell even inventing a source of fuel. All it takes to change the world is the little things, in example: Influencing people, helping others (wether it be small or big), or even making someone feel like they exist.
Effecting some other persons life can have a chain reaction type of effect. It might take some time to notice, But when one is lonely just the feeling of being acknowledged will greatly effect their life, and they will try to spread the happiness (sort of say). And unless you’ve experienced the feeling of being alone, or even just feeling completely worthless. You would probably think your life is perfect. But as i said before no ones life is perfect. There is always something holding them back.
So, as we all start our new lives we all tend to be part of the “LIVE FOR THE MOMENT” crowd. And my father taught me that it is completely stupid to think like that. If you live now how will your life be later on? Will it be great? Or even terrible? Now most of the people i have met drink or even do drugs. Now it might be fun and cool now. But your health is slowly pulling away from you. Now i was lucky enough to have my second chance at life. But do you think you’d be lucky? i was surprised i was able to receive such a great gift.
Yet once you think about it, you have one count that ONE LIFE to live. Why waste it when you were “Young and fit”? We should be looking into our futures and not our present or even past. We are so used to just sitting down and doing nothing. When we should be doing everything we can so that when we do settle down and have kids they can live a life we NEVER had. Because our future is THEIR future.
I have to think about if i ever have kids how their life will be constantly. Because they will (from my knowledge) be born Diabetics. And having to put a kid through that to me is just mind-blowing. It sucks to know that i would have to provide all these materials for my kids. All the needles, Insulin, and when it comes down to it the Insulin Pumps. And for a living in the moment type of a side note, it’s literally never getting out of my head how that has to happen.
But i know i can live with that, and i will teach my kids that it wasn’t their faults. I can easily take the blame for giving them this terrible gift. But i want them to know that they can do and be whatever they want in life. And tell them to do better then i did. I want them to be as successful or if not more then myself. And i will be with them through their hard times and their triumphs. And i would be more then Gladly to help them through anything.
Anyway, We need to learn that life isn’t terrible. WE ourselves make it our own hell. We can either make it the greatest time or the most terrible time. We are our own “gods” sort of say. We can do the right thing or the wrong. And we also need to learn that Life is a whole learning experience. We learn through all of our triumphs and our down falls. We learn who is an Ass Hole, who is just so fun to be around. We learn from our relationships with other humans.
Life is always worth living. At times it might seem like your life is a hell, but remember there is always someone out there who cares about you. I personally have had my downfalls, who hasn’t? But it’s always best to just bounce back from that downfall and go forward with your life. We can’t hold grudges forever. Because all they do is destroy.
We need to learn that people that bring us down are just trying to pull us down to their level of life. We need to learn to strive for the best in OUR lives. To do what we want. Never to veer off into the path of the “FUN” times and the “WILD” parties. Try your best to keep pushing forward with your future. Then you will have a wonderful life. And if someone tell you that you are worthless then show them wrong. Become the change that you’d like to see. And never let anyone tell you that you are a Nobody. Because you ARE.
Some influence type quotes
“Believe in the power of ONE. Believe In Yourself. Believe In your own potential for greatness. Believe that you can change the world. It is something within each of us.”- Evan Tanner
“Nothing Is Impossible!”
“ Strive For Greatness”
“Never give up, push through it and think later.”
Ending Comment From Me
I’d personally like to thank everyone who has read these, I truly
Hope that they have helped you. I really like writing these.
So just remember one thing from me please.
Believe In YOURSELF.
- Jared

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