Sunday, March 6, 2011

IF i took drugs this is the result. aha


Life goes by in a blur, but every now and then you have to stop. Stop and look around at you, See all the little things that have made you happy. And all those things that have driven you insane. But then you realize My life is a great one and regardless of what happens i am happy. And that there is nothing that could take that away. Then you just want to stay stopped, and never move again because the fear of losing what you have is lingering in your mind...

Yet you try to keep the positive mindset. And go back on the track. But then you realize you have lost yourself. You lost what you used to be like. And more then likely you will never find yourself again. You will become a Cut-Out. You will lose who you were, You will become just another Hopeless Kid with nothing in life to live for.

But it is up to us to Stop before we hit that speed bump. To think about our lives, and say i don't need this. I never did. And it is up to us to either say No or say Yes. And if you say No, then you go on with your life. Living it how you want, never looking back to see what you left behind. And if you say Yes, then you become a mindless fool. You fall into anything and everything others tell you to do.

But when you do stop, Love every minute of it. Love every small thing you get to enjoy. Wether that be eating out, hanging with friend, going to a movie, or just driving around in your car. Enjoy those little things. Because one day those could be taken away from you. And when that happens you will hit a stop sign. And it will be either A.) You turn left or right and pray that whatever happens you will find your way. Or B.) You will go forward and keep believing, and know that you are going to get where you want. 

And if you run that sign, though in the moment it will feel cool. A Cop will come and pull you over, and if he doesn't maybe an ambulance will.

But know one thing, Your life is like a flower. It will blossom one day, and when it does it's up to us to keep it living. We can either water and nurture it. Or we can neglect it and watch the petals fall off and die. And if we keep the flower going then we will have a Strong, Healthy, and Beautiful flower. While if you let it die out then you will have a Ugly, Weak, almost non-exsistant flower.

And to everyone who actually reads these things, Please get off the "Society Nut-Sack". Stop caring about how you will look with certain guys. And guys stop worrying about how you will look with a certain girl. Because if you like someone who cares? If that happens to turn to love the more the better. Help that other person water and nurture their flower. Help them feel human. Because we of all people need it in this world.

Basically stop caring about looks, if you like someone then be with them regardless of what people think, Because in reality all that matters is what you think of the person. YOU know how the person is, others might not.

And give support to those who need help. Because we all have hit a stop sign, and we all need others like yourself to actually figure out what to do.. left or right.. or just go forward. We all need help, and it's up to friends and family to help. 

And a quick question to the Girls of SV (if you read this). WHY ARE LOOKS SO IMPORTANT TO YOU? Is it so you will look cool with your friends? Or so you can make people jealous? Or is it an Ego-Booster?  Or is it because you are so stupid (sorry to say) that you could care less if the guy you are dating actually has a brain and an ACTUAL heart? (aka cares about you, your goals in life)

Well that is about all i have to say. Hope you enjoyed this and got some of my weird phrasing and such. And please feel free to hit me up sometime if you need someone to talk to. I'm always down to listen.

-Jared <3

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